Curitiba Conference Declararion – Contribute!


We want to develop a declaration to be the voice of the researchers, practitioners, social movement members and policymakers who participated in the 22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion. The Curitiba Declaration will articulate the recommendations of conference participants in relation to how we can improve people’s lives by strengthening health promotion practice and improving equity in the services where we work, as well as in our cities and countries. Our Curitiba Declaration will breathe a spirit of local and global commitment to equity, justice and health for all in an inclusive and sustainable world. Here’s a chance to call on your colleagues, your communities, and your leaders to be truly inspired.

Trigger question

If you had the opportunity to make an appeal to the people of your country and to your government regarding how to enhance health promotion and improve equity, what would you say? Also, feel free to tweet your insights and key words on the Curitiba Declaration to @IUHPE2016 !!!!
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Thank you!